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Fixed gear cyclist.
World Traveler currently in: Tokyo, Japan
Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Words of wisdom from grandpa Ray.

I miss him so much, such a great guy.

Not the best photo but I got to see a volcano erupt from the seat of an airplane.
Hong Kong

I’m not even in mainland China and I can feel the chaos looming. Hong Kong looks like such a raddddd city though! Stoked to be somewhere new again!

Check “watch a volcano erupt from an airplane” off the bucket list.
The last sunset I get to see in Japan for a while. Pretty sad I’m leaving again. (at Peach Aviation Kansai Airport/Peach 関西空港)
This week has been full of so many emotions. I love Japan so much and I’m going to miss it. This girl though, such great memories. So glad I met her. 
I’m off to HK tomorrow morning. Goodbye Japan, see you in 10 months ^_^.

(by Wen Cheng Liu (Busy))
Last coffee in Japan.