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I was nominated, I accepted and donated $50 to Doctors Without Borders and $50 to PAWS. I then challenged four friends and most importantly, the CEO of the ALSA, Jane Gilbert, because we all know that the CEO of a non-profit doesn’t need to make $300,000 fucking dollars a year. .

Two things to note I did not like were the fact that their tests on animals were inhumane and their CEO gets paid $300k a year. Instead I chose to donate $100, split between, Doctors Without Borders (CEO salary: $143k, works/ed in the field including war zones, volunteers/employees help people around the world for almost no pay) and Performing Animal Welfare Society (CEO salary: $48K, helps abused, abandoned, or retired performance animals by putting them in sanctuaries owned by PAWS). If you want to make people aware of something there are lots of ways that don’t involve putting yourself on camera. Here’s my first challenge: go donate to whatever charity makes you happy when you click the donate button. My second challenge is for you to wake up, use your brain and do some research. Put some passion into your life, don’t just live. 

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